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13 July 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Nuriche ReVIVE- All the Energy, None of the Sugar Crash

You can Still Get the Revive Replacement!  Uri Lebaron as the founder of Uri International and one of the top nutritional formulators in the world, was the formulator for Nuriche products, Uri has his own company Rezealiant. You can buy the same great formulas, however the names have changed.

Feast Turbo 9hr Energy 90ct Veg. Caps is very close to the Nuriche Revive product and in my opinion works better.

Feast 300g is very close to Nuriche Live and in my opinion a better formula

Feast Turbocharged 300g is similar to Nuriche Phytocharge

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Energy supplements used to be marketed specifically to certain groups, including truck drivers and other people with careers or lifestyles where they needed to have more energy and alertness than other people. Today’s fast-paced lifestyles and lack of time for good nutrition and proper sleeping habits, however, has left the majority of the world tired and overworked. Therefore, energy drinks started being sold to the masses, in large quantities. It started with a few drinks, and today you cannot walk into any gas station or convenience store without seeing an entire cooler of all different brands, flavors, and types of energy drink products.

After the energy drink came the energy shot, which was supposed to eliminate that ever-annoying sugar crash that came after the burst of energy. However, these are still only moderately effective in most cases, leaving a lot of people hanging and wondering what they can do to get that energy that they need without the limitations or the after-effects that are less than enjoyable. Fortunately, Nuriche has created an all-natural solution that will not only provide energy that people need, but it will provide energy for the long-term, instead of just a temporary burst of ambition. It’s a simple process that involves combining over 130 different ingredients that your body needs to be healthy.

Nuriche ReVIVE is designed to give your body the nutrients that it has been missing. By doing that, it helps you to get your health back, become more vibrant and enjoy greater clarity, longer energy, and better sleep at night. When your body is in balance, you don’t need an energy boost because you’ve got enough to do what you need to do and then some. However, when you’re stressed, overworked, not eating right, or facing other issues that throw your body off track and let in toxins, you have to do something to fix the problem at the source instead of just using empty calories and artificial stimulants to get through the afternoon at work. Everyone has different ideas about energy drinks, but why use a temporary solution when the permanent one is just as convenient and affordable?

Energy is naturally produced in the body, provided that things are in good working order, of course. People need to take the time to get back to health so that they can have the real energy that they deserve. Using products like Nuriche ReVIVE allows you to have that energy without the harsh side effects, and to carry that energy with you every single day. This product is made into a powder form from whole foods in a process that retains the most nutrients possible by working quickly and using low heat. The powder is then put into gel capsules that are kosher and vegetarian, making it a great product for anyone to try. The capsules are what you will purchase and take up to 3 times a day depending on how many capsules you take and how quickly you want to get healthy.

Nuriche ReVIVE isn’t a miracle cure. It isn’t a magic pill. It’s just wholesome food and nutrition that your body depends on for health and wellbeing. Being able to get it back without the hassle of changing your entire diet is something that anyone can appreciate.

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