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About Nuriche

Nuriche has one simple purpose: to offer the full benefit of more than 70 fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, and seeds without the hassle. Forget shopping for the best produce, starting a garden, or changing your diet to make sure that you get those daily requirements. With Nuriche, anyone can enjoy their daily allotment of fruits and vegetables with a delicious powder that can be added to a glass of water. You might miss out on the great taste of your favorite fruits and vegetables, or the excitement of finding especially good produce at the market, but there is one thing that you won’t miss: a well-rounded, wholesome diet that’s better than you have ever had.

Nuriche is simple. The product, the concept, and the mission are all very simple. We have created this product as a way to provide a more wholesome diet to people who need it, and have done so for the sake of health and wellness for all. Our line of whole food products offers nourishment and better health solutions for all of our customers, while our distribution program and charity partnerships offer benefits for others, as well. In less than 30 seconds, our products are created to bring you the healthy food resources that you need. That’s about how long it will take you to mix up your first glass and realize that you’ve finally found something that works.

Nuriche has two product lines: LIVE and ReVIVE. Each product has a unique blend of fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, and seeds that are designed to offer the most health benefits and the best performance for your body. Nuriche LIVE was created as a powdered juice and whole food blend to offer whole food nutrition to consumers. This product is available in to-go packets that are convenient for taking with you, as well as a standard container and go-anywhere bottles that make getting your fruits and vegetables easier than ever. ReVIVE is a dietary supplement in the form of a vegetarian gelatin capsule that provides daily fruits and vegetables along with extracts and supplements to help boost your energy without the sugar crash that most energy drinks provide.

At Nuriche, our goal is not related to our sales volume, but to how our cause can affect the world. We can offer consumers a better way to get the nutrition that they need while working with non-profit partners to serve developing countries and offer health and nutrition information that will change the way that all people think, consume, and shop when it comes to nutrition and healthy eating. We also have a distribution program that helps create self-reliance for those who work with us, allowing people to become self-made successes through our progressive network marketing solutions.

Nuriche seems to already have plenty to offer, but in reality we are just getting started. We’re currently developing a Health and Science Advisory Board that is led by a world-renowned physician, in the hopes that we can conduct more research and document the value and use of our products in relation to healthy living overall. Additionally, we are looking for experts and educators who are leaders within the personal finance industry. We want to create this team because we understand how the tumultuous economy is affecting everyone, and stress from financial issues can easily affect the whole health of the body. Therefore, we want to be able to provide assistance to those who work within the Nuriche program to help them set and meet their goals for financial success.

It might sound like Nuriche has it all figured out, but that is far from the truth. While we’d like to think that we are on the right track with our products and programs, Nuriche is really just getting started. In time, through our products, programs, and partnerships we are hoping to make a difference in the world in as many ways as we can

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