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Nuriche has a simple mission: “Nourish others by providing quality live whole foods, nutrition, education, and opportunities that promote whole living.”

 With that mission, our cause is as important as our product. We are firm believers that what you put into your mouth is just as important as what you put into your heart and mind, and vice versa. Therefore, our goal is to provide education and information about health products and nutrition just as we provide health supplements that are nutritional. We have three areas of focus within our company, including:

-Our line of whole food supplements to provide proper nutrition for customers

-Self-reliance for the distributors through a progressive network marketing approach

-Education on nutrition and health for all, including globally developing countries, courtesy of our partnerships with The Tenth Solution and My Firm Foundation

Our Advisory Board for Health and Science is in the process of being created, and is chaired by a world-renowned doctor. The goal with the creation of this is to gather documents and research that will show the value of our nutritional products while also offering training and education to help all people achieve healthy lifestyles. Our company is also in the process of putting together a team of experts and educators in the personal finance industry. In this tough economy, financial security is more important than ever, and can play a large role in overall health and wellbeing. Our desire is to provide resources and solutions for our distributors so that they can be successful with our products.

Our cause is really simple: to offer health and nutrition, education, and opportunity for all. Through our comprehensive marketing strategies, distribution plan, and our partnerships with non-profit groups, that should be a simple enough goal to achieve. However, we have no intentions of stopping our mission because there will always be a need for nutrition, education, and giving back within the world that we live.

In the developing world, there are many people who can use our help. Through our partnerships, we are able to give back, providing profits from our compensation plan to our partners, which help to support the education and health of people in developing countries. My Firm Foundation works with The Tenth Solution to offer three basic things to people in developing countries. The foundation is an independent board of directors, who all have the mission to:

-Educate by offering initiatives that will help others live healthier lives

-Assist, when people need to rise above circumstances and achieve more than what they can on their own

-Enterprise by introducing business models in third-world countries that allow people to operate their own self-sustaining business and become self-reliant and financially secure.

At Nuriche, the goals, the cause, and the giving are our primary focus. Offering the products for sale is only a part of what we do, but without those products we could not give back or pay our success forward as we do to our distributors. It is up to us to take the reins and change the world, even if we do it one sale at a time. When the company started, one of the primary goals that we had was to reward and motivate hard-working individuals worldwide through our products and business opportunities, as well as our non-profit relationships. That goal continues today, and is forever going to be the reason that we do what we do, and why we do it so well.

Some people start a business with a gimmick, a scheme, or some other trick to become successful. In today’s world, it is hard to find a business like Nuriche where we simply want to nourish the world, both through food products and through education. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, and certainly no schemes involved here at Nuriche. Our only trick is that we’ve gone back to building a business based on a passion for helping others, which is something we will always stand for.

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